ANM Full Form- Auxiliary Nurse Midwife

ANM Full Form: Auxiliary Nurse Midwife is the full form of ANM in medical as well as Nursing.  ANM is the basic entry level certificate course in Nursing recognized by Indian Nursing Council. Find all important details regarding ANM Course, ANM Full Form below for your career upgrade in Nursing Profession. 

ANM Course Details

ANM Full Form Auxiliary Nurse Midwife
Duration of course 02 years
Eligibility Pass in Higher secondary (or) +2
Nature of course Certificate Course
INC Recognition Recognized
Registrable Status R.ANM
Certificate Issued by State Nursing Council
Examining Body Nursing Examination Board

Individuals who want to undergo ANM Course must choose INC Recognized institute.

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ANM Full Form- Get to know Full Details

ANM Course Syllabus

As per Indian Nursing Council, ANM Course will have following subjects in

First Year

  1. Community Health Nursing
  2. Health Promotion (Nutrition, Human Body and Hygiene, Environmental Sanitation, Mental Health)
  3. Primary Health Care-I (Infection and Immunization, Communicable Disease, Community Health Problems, Primary Medical Care, First Aid & Referral)
  4. Child Health Nursing

Second Year

  1.  Midwifery
  2.  Health Centre Management

ANM Undergoing candidates will also have to undergo Clinical Training during Course of study.

ANM Course Fee

    First Year- Rs.25, 000
Second Year- Rs.30,000

Scope of ANM Course

Auxiliary Nurse Midwives has very good scope in government health sector as well as in private health sector. They have great opportunity in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care setup. Role of ANM is vital in nursing care. Hence their presence cannot be excluded.

Designations for ANM

  1. Auxiliary Nurse
  2. Female Nursing Assistant
  3. Health visitor
  4.  Health Assistant
  5. ANM
  6. Village Health Nurse
  7. Research Support Staff & more

ANM Salary

ANM Completed Candidates will be paid from Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000 per month based on their nature of appointment, organization, job nature etc.
  1. Andaman Nicobar Island (UT)    Rs.15300
  2. Andhra Pradesh    Rs.15000
  3. Arunachal Pradesh    Rs.15600
  4. Assam    Rs.15600
  5. Bihar    Rs.16700
  6. Chandigarh (UT)    Rs.17000
  7. Chhattisgarh    Rs.15700
  8. Dadra and Nagar Haveli (UT)    Rs.15300
  9. Daman and Diu (UT)    Rs.15300
  10. Delhi (NCT)    Rs.18000
  11. Goa    Rs.16000
  12. Gujarat    Rs.16200
  13. Haryana    Rs.15700
  14. Himachal Pradesh    Rs.15700
  15. Jammu and Kashmir(UT)    Rs.18000
  16. Jharkhand    Rs.18000
  17. Karnataka    Rs.18000
  18. Kerala    Rs.18000
  19. Ladakh(UT)    Rs.18000
  20. Lakshadweep (UT)    Rs.18000
  21. Madhya Pradesh    Rs.15000
  22. Maharashtra    Rs.16000
  23. Manipur    Rs.16000
  24. Meghalaya    Rs.16000
  25. Mizoram    Rs.16000
  26. Nagaland    Rs.17000
  27. Odisha    Rs.17600
  28. Puducherry (UT)    Rs.18000
  29. Punjab    Rs.18000
  30. Rajasthan    Rs.18000
  31. Sikkim    Rs.18000
  32. Tamil Nadu    Rs.18000
  33. Telangana    Rs.18000
  34. Tripura    Rs.18000
  35. Uttarakhand    Rs.16500
  36. Uttar Pradesh    Rs.16500
  37. West Bengal    Rs.16500

ANM Job Responsibilities

Auxiliary Nurse Midwives has various roles in Health Setup. They assist Nurses and Physician in many aspects. They include

  1.     Attending Basic Needs of clients (Oral Care, Back Care, Sponging etc)
  2.     Monitoring Vital Signs
  3.     Assisting Nurses in Invasive Procedures (IM, IV Injections, Dressing)
  4.     Providing Diet for Patients
  5.     Assisting Patient in Mobilization
  6.     Attending Doctors’ Rounds and more

ANM Full Form – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Full Form?

Auxiliary Full Form

2.Whether Stipend will be provided for ANM Course?

It depends on institute’s decision

3. What is the ANM internship Duration?

ANM will have 06 months rotatory internship after completing course.

4. Whether ANM have good scope?

Yes. ANM have very good job opportunity.

5. Which one is best ANM or GNM?

Both are best and have good scope in future.

6. Whether State Nursing Council permit ANM Course for Registration?

Yes. State Nursing Council permits.  Registration Number is provided.  Also it is important to note that Registration is must for applying any ANM Jobs.