SCTIMST Staff Nurse Previous Questions 2019 Part -IV

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology

Written Test for the post of Staff Nurse-A

Date: 28-11-2019


S.No Questions Answer
61 Which of the following findings would a nurse identify as indicative of septic shock in a patient?

a. Bradycardia

b. Elevated JVP

c. Cool, Clammy skin

d. S3 gallop

62 The nurse should instruct a patient who is to receive digoxin (lanoxin) to report development of which of the following side effects?

a. Ringing in the ears

b. Loss of Appetite

c. Signs of bruising

d. Sensitivity to sunlight

63 Enteric fever is transmitted by

a. Inhalation

b. Ingestion

c. Inoculation

d. Insects

64 Nursing Care for a patient who has polycythemia vera would focus on preventing?

a. Dysrhythmias

b. Hypotension

c. Thrombosis

d. Decubitus ulcers

65 The Length of the spinal cord in an adult male is

a. 18cm

b. 45cm

c. 50cm

d. 36cm

66 When caring for a patient who is on a mechanical ventilator, the nurse should monitor the patient for which of the following complications?

a. Flail chest

b. Pleural Effusion

c. Pneumothorax

d. Pulmonary embolus

67 Broca’s areas controls

a. Sensory functions

b. Speech

c. Emotions

d. Motor functions

68. Who invented Blood grouping ABO?

a. Landsteiner

b. John Gibbon

c. William Harvey

d. Robert Boucher

69 Which of the following vitamin is soluble in water?

a. A

b. E

c. C

d. D

70 How many lobes are present in Right Lung?

a. 7

b. 2

c. 3

d. 9

71 Which plane divides the brain into unequal right and left portions?

a. Frontal plane

b. Transverse Plane

c. Mid-sagital plane

d. Para-sagital plane

72 Which channels are opened during depolarization in metabolism?

a. K+

b. Na+

c. Mg+

d. Ca+

73 What is the outermost layer of heart called?

a. Endocardium

b. Epicardium

c. Myocardium

d. Pericardium

74 Cholesterol is important in the human body for

a. Angiogenesis

b. Cell membrane structure

c. Enzyme synthesis

d. Osteogenesis

75 In the P,Q,R,S waves in ECG, P wave represents?

a. Atrial depolarisation

b. Atrial repolarisation

c. Ventricular depolarisation

d. Ventricular repolarisation

76 To calculate cardiac output, heart rate is multiplied with?

a. Stroke volume

b. Systemic arterial pressure

c. Pulmonary arterial pressure

d. Circulatory volume

77 In which organ are the kupfer cells present?

a. Brain

b. Heart

c. Liver

d. Pancreas

78 “Gonad” means

a. Salivary glands

b. Sebaceous glands

c. Sweat glands

d. Testis and ovaries

79 In proteins classification, class A proteins are

a. Animal Proteins

b. Vegetable proteins

c. Oil proteins

d. Milk proteins

80 What is the scientific name of vitamin B6?

a. Biotin

b. Pyridoxine

c. Nicotinic acid

d. Thiamine


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