SCTIMST Staff Nurse Previous Questions 2019 Part -I

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology

Written Test for the post of Staff Nurse-A

Date: 28-11-2019


S.No Questions Answer
1 Percentage of Oxygen delivered by use of non-rebreathing mask with a flow rate of 10litres/minute is

a. 20-35

b. 35-50

c. 50-60

d. 90-95

2 Simple or typical febrile seizures occur in

a. Infants below 3 months of age

b. 3 months – 5 years

c. 3 years – 8 years

d. Preadolescents

3 The dilution of adrenaline used in neonatal resuscitation is

a. 1:10

b. 1:100

c. 1:1000

d. 1:10000

4 Injection Sodium bicarbonate should not be mixed with

a. Normal Saline

b. 5% dextrose

c. Calcium Gluconate

d. Ringer Lactate

5 Weight and Length of a normal full term baby, with birth weight of 3 kg at one year of age are expected to be

a. 7kg and 70cm

b. 9kg and 75cm

c. 12kg and 80cm

d. 12kg and 85cm

6 Using a placebo for pain control in a certain case without the patient’s consent is

a. Justified and ethical

b. Justified but unethical

c. Deceptive but ethical

d. Deceptive and ethical

7 Which of the following can be used for applying moist heat?

a. Sitz bath

b. Aqua pad

c. Hot water bag

d. Commercial hot pack

8 Which action is most effective in preventing wound infections?

a. Using sterile dressings

b. Suggesting dietary supplements

c. Applying antibiotic ointment

d. Observing careful hand hygiene

9 Before administering enteric coated drug through a naso gastric tube, the nurse should first ensure

a. Crushing of tablet

b. Flushing the tube with warm water

c. Checking for proper placement of the tube

d. Take the patient’s vital signs

10 Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs is useful when planning and implementing nursing care, as it provides a structure for

a. Making accurate nursing diagnosis

b. Establishing priorities of care

c. Communicating concerns more concisely

d. Integrating science into nursing care

11 Which nursing organization was the first international organization of women nurses?

a. The international council of Nurses (ICN)

b. The American Nurses Association (ANA)

c. The National League for Nursing (NLN)

d. The National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA)

12 Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) is administered through a central vein because of

a. Rapid rate of infusion

b. High volume of infusion

c. High osmolarity of solution

d. Easy access

13 Gas Gangrene is caused by

a. Clostridium tetani

b. Clostridium perfringes

c. Clostridium difficile

d. Anaerobic Streptococci

14 Most Important step in avoiding wrong site surgery is

a. Having check list procedure before surgery

b. Avoiding patients with same name on the list

c. Avoiding patients with same conditions in the list

d. Having short operation list

15 Transmission of HIV to health care workers during surgery can be prevented by

a. Routine screening of all patient

b. Using “universal precautions”

c. Avoiding surgery on HIV Patients

d. Antiretroviral Prophylaxis for the health care workers

16 Accurate estimation of large burn areas is done by

a. Rule of nine

b. Patient hand approximated to 1% of total burn surface area

c. Lund and browder chart

d. Calculation of body mass index

17 Most common topical treatment used for burn wound, which is effective against both pseudomonas and MRSA is

a. Silver Sulphadiaziine

b. 0.5% silver nitrate

c. Mafenide acetate

d. Soframycin

18 Best and easy way to monitor resuscitation in burn patient is

a. Monitoring pulse rate

b. Monitoring blood pressure

c. Monitoring urine output

d. Monitoring hematocrit

19 Lucid interval is seen in

a. Intra cerebral hemorrhage

b. Extradural hemorrhage

c. Acute subdural hemorrhage

d. Chronic subdural hemorrhage

20 All of the following suture materials absorbable except

a. Polyglycolic acid (Vicryl)

b. Chromic Catgut

c. Polypropylene (Prolene)

d. Polydiaxanone (PDS)


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