Nurses Survey on Newspaper Reading 2020

Nursing is noble service but also a stressful one.

We have shift duties that includes morning, evening and night shift. All the three shifts are busy one. Some stay in hospital quarters and Some travel from home to hospitals for duties. We provide comprehensive care to the patients and family members.

 Nursing is our job but a part of life. Most Nurses have less connection with the external world apart from their family and hospital. It is due to routine duty schedule and family commitments. We pay less attention to the daily news. Only few among us have the habit of “Reading Newspaper”.

The following are the benefits of Newspaper Reading daily.

  1. Keeps you upto date on various fields politics, economics, sports etc
  2. Improves your knowledge
  3. Gives your more confident to speak about various fields
  4. A good hobby.
  5. Gives you a feeling of responsible citizen.
  6. Provide information on the day to day routines. E.g Petrol Prices, Gold Rates, Milk Prices etc.

Nowadays social medias has so much impact in our life. We use dedicated newspaper applications like ‘newshunt’ or Facebook scroll or a forward message through whatsApp to read a newspaper. Some people read only headings and some read full text. Anyhow this survey will figure out the newspaper reading of nurses.” Indian Nurse Today” request nurses to take this survey and provide real information.

This survey is an anonymous one. No personal Information will be Collected other than name. So you can take your survey without having a fear. Survey will run till 24-01-2020 and results will be published by 25-01-2020…