The Pain of Male Nurses, 80:20 Ratio Between Female and Male Nurses inIndia

We have heard this statement for a long “Nurses are the backbone of Healthcare”. But We have not heard female Nurses are the backbone of Healthcare. Nursing is a professional education. Education is common to all the genders. But Nursing is exempted from that. Traditionally Nursing is reserved exclusively for females and relevant rules & regulations also established by the Officials (Mostly Doctors).

We have this reservation from the college level itself i.e. 10:1 ratio between Female and Male Nursing students. The Professional Meaning of Nursing becomes less due to ratio fixation. It typically becomes a profession of females. Other Professions like Doctors, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians, Engineers has no such kind of ratio fixations.

The painful story of Male Nurses begins once they enter it to “Nursing Education”. They come across various abasement, bitter incidents during the course. Once they complete the Degree or Diploma, the real battle for the life starts.

Many private hospitals neglect the male nurses and recruits only female nurses. Even if recruited, Salary of Nurses is a meager amount around Rs.15000/- . Though Government of India has passed many regulations to increase the salary of nurses, Many corporate hospitals continue to give low salary.

Being a Breadwinner of a family, A man (Male Nurse) cannot survive with low salary. So Male Nurses are pushed in to escape from that situation. Hence, Some try to go abroad and Some try to join in central government jobs like in AIIMS, ESI, RRB.  Those who can pay initial investment amount, they go abroad. But the poor male nurses who can not spend money for even the Visa & other process, they try for Central Government Jobs.

But Central Institute Body (CIB)’s decision on its 4th meeting held on 27th July, 2019  has put the future of male nurses in question. i.e. if 100 nurses are recruited 80:20 ratio between Female and Male should be followed. This hurt many young male nurses who try for jobs at AIIMS institutions, recently AIIMS Nagpur and AIIMS Patna has followed the 80:20 ratio in their latest notifications.

Already in Private corporate hospitals, the scope of male nurses are less, now the CIB, Government of India shows the same to males. CIB has to consider Nursing as a profession. Male Nurses also undergo same training what the female do. So there can be no professional incompetence in view of patient care and comfort. Deciding ratio in view of patient care and comfort is not a fair decision.

The patients must be given comfort and care through professional nursing care not by the gender. Also any decision that affects the nurses should be taken by the officials who studied nursing. without having an idea about professional nursing, CIB has passed the orders which needs immediate attention for a change.

Male Nurses expect, this decision must be withdrawn. Additionally many  legal suits has been filed against the decision and awaiting judgements with pain in heart………….

Download minutes of meeting of Central Institute Body


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