Skill Test in Nursing Officer Exams of AIIMS, JIPMER etc

Skill Test in Nursing Officer Exams
Nursing Officer Grade-II is a dream jobs for most Nurses of India. Every Nurse desire to be selected to AIIMS, JIPMER institutions. Recently Central Institute Body has decided to include Skill Test in Nursing Officer recruitments.
Since Skill Test is different from interviews as in earlier times, Many Nurses had little confusions about it. But it is now very clear. All the institutions has given the outline of skill test in Nursing Officer Exams. Let us See brief details of it. The following information has been collected from those candidates who had appeared for Skill Test in latest exams and from the instructions given by the institutions i.e. AIIMS Raipur.

What is a Skill Test?

Skill Test is nothing but to assess the candidates’ knowledge about

a) Instruments and ability to handle them. E.g.

  •     BP Apparatus
  •     Suction Apparatus
  •     Pulse Oximeter
  •     Tunic Fork
  •      Artery Forceps and its types, uses etc
  •     Suture Materials
  •     Ryles Tubes
  •     Endotracheal Tubes
  •     Catheters
  •     Splints etc

b) Procedures

  •     History Collection
  •     Physical Assessment
  •     Patient Discharge Advices
  •     Checking Vital Signs
  •     Tracheostomy Care
  •     Suctioning
  •     Enema
  •     Bed Making
  •     Bandages
  •     ICD Care etc

The above are only anticipated topics  but not a sure one. But most topics are asked in recent nursing officer exams.

Stations in Skill Test

Station is the Counter where instruments and procedure trays will be placed. Each Station will have one instrument or one procedure tray. Candidates will have to visit one by one. 01 minute will be given to each stations to record answer in the response sheet. Number of stations will be decided by recruiting institutions.

E.g. AIIMS Raipur has 10 stations in last exam & 01 minute was given for each questions.

Whether Skill Test has Mark System and Passing Grade?

Yes. Skill Test has mark System. The candidate has to score 50%  for passing in skill test.

Will Skill Test Mark be included for Merit List?

No. Skill Test of Qualifying nature. Candidate has to pass (score 50%) in skill test. The marks scored in skill test will not be taken for calculating merit list.  Hence the candidates need not to worry about the skill test but has to pass.

The following is the instruction given by AIIMS RAIPUR for Nursing Officer Skill Test



“1. Please read the instructions carefully.

2. Candidates will NOT be allowed entry under any circumstances after the gate closing time mentioned on their admit cards.

3. Candidates are NOT ALLOWED to bring any kind of electronic gadgets, calculator, tablets, Bluetooth device, any type of mobile phones, books, note books or written notes, etc. inside the examination centre. Candidates are subject to frisking by Security Personnel.

4. Candidates are required to keep their personal belongings, mobile phones etc. at the designated space at the entry gate AT THEIR OWN RISK. AIIMS Raipur will not be responsible for the safety of the items.

5. Only admit card,any one original photo bearing ID Proof(as mentioned in the admit card)and 02 passport size photographs are to be carried inside the examination centre.

6. The candidates will then be guided to waiting hall at Ist floor of the building.

7. After entry into the examination centre, candidates will not be allowed to leave till the completion of Skill Test.

8. Candidates are advised to have their breakfast/lunch before coming for the skill test. No arrangements of food/snacks are available in the College Campus.

9. Bio metric Attendance Registration and verification will be carried out in the waiting hall.After biometric verification, candidates will be guided batch wise to Skill Test Stations.

10. There are 10 stations and candidate is required to visit each station one by one. The candidate will be required to answer the questions put up to him/her at each station on the candidate response sheet within 01 min. in the presence of evaluator and move on to the next station.The supplies and equipment needed to perform the skill will be made available at the station.

11. Candidates should keep SILENCE during the Skill Test. Speaking loudly in the examination hall is strictly not allowed.

12. Candidates MUST sign the Response Sheet and after completion of skill test, candidates must handover the DULY SIGNED response sheet to the evaluator. Unsigned sheets will be invalid and will not be evaluated.

13. Any candidate who is found copying, receiving or giving assistance to other candidates or using unfair means during the Test will be disqualified and his/her candidature for the post will be Cancelled and no representation in this regard will be entertained.

14. Immediately after completion of the skill test and other formalities, Candidates should leave the premises through exit”

Wish You Best of Luck For Your Examination