SCTIMST Staff Nurse Previous Questions 2019 Part -III

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology

Written Test for the post of Staff Nurse-A

Date: 28-11-2019


S.No Questions Answer
41 Dilated pupil could result from

a. Structural lesions in the pons

b. Morphine poisoning

c. Pilocarpine eye drops instillation

d. Brain death

42 Rest is needed in patients with coronary artery disease to

a. Correct arrhythmias

b. Reduce oxygen requirements of the body

c. Reduce the size of heart

d. Reduce the tendency for insomnia

43 Myasthenia Gravis is a disease of

a. Neuromuscular junction

b. Anterior horn cells

c. Skeletal muscles

d. Spinal cord

44 Parkinson’s disease is characterized by the following except

a. Uniform spasticity

b. Postural instability

c. Tremors

d. Bradykinesia

45 One of the following drugs cannot be used in hypertension management

a. Nifedipine

b. Dopamine

c. Propranolol

d. Reserpine

46 The typical ECG pattern (in the appropriate leads) of Acute Myocardial Infarction

a. ST Depression and T wave inversion

b. ST Segment Elevation

c. Deep T wave inversion

d. Right Bundle Branch Block Pattern

47 One of the following drug is used to lower blood cholesterol

a. Diltiazem

b. Propranolol

c. Frusemide

d. Atorvastatin

48 One of the following is an antiplatelet drug

a. Digoxin

b. Streptokinase

c. Aspirin

d. Dobutamine

49 The drug that is used to treat cyanotic spell in a child is

a. Morphine

b. Pethidine

c. Diazepam

d. Haloperidal

50 The supportive cells of the nervous system are

a. T Cells

b. Stem Cells

c. Glial cells

d. Astrocytes

51 A 35 year old smoker with gangrene toe most probably suffers from

a. Thrombo-angitis obliterans

b. Reynaud’s disease

c. Atherosclerosis

d. Arterio-venous fistula

52 Nursing activities shown to potentially increase intracranial pressure include

a. Raising the head of bed to 30 degree

b. Applying therapeutic touch

c. Endo-tracheal suctioning

d. Speaking softly

53 The Treatment of mitral stenosis is

a. Balloon Valvotomy


c. By-pass Surgery

d. Angiogram

54 One of the following is a new test used in acute chest pain

a. SGOT estimation

b.Troponin T or I estimation

c. Blood Cholesterol estimation

d. LDH estimation

55 The nurse should expect a patient who as chronic renal failure to be given erythropoietin (Epogen) to

a. Elevate the WBC count

b. Enhance the maturation of thrombocytes

c. Increase the production of platelets

d. Stimulate the synthesis of red blood cells

56 When teaching the care givers of a patient who has dementia of the Alzheimer type, a nurse should stress the importance of

a. Increased stimuli

b. A predictable environment

c. Restricted activities

d. Independent decision making

57 Which of the following blood values on the laboratory report should a nurse expect when assessing a patient who has emphysema

a. PCO2 52mmhg

b. pH 7.48

c. PO2 94 mmhg

d. HCO3 21mEq/L

58 Which of the following conditions would a nurse recognize as contributing to the development of respiratory acidosis?


b. Hyperventillation

c. Diarrhea

d. Achalasia

59 Which of the following outcomes observed by the nurse during the drain cycle of peritoneal dialysis should be reported immediately to the physician?

a. Clear yellow output

b. Cloudy output

c. Patient complaint of slight cramping

d. A drain output of 50cc less than instilled

60 Which of the following foods should be removed from the dietary tray of a patient who has hepatic encephalopathy?

a. Idli

b. Drumstick leaves

c. Fresh fruit

d. Eggs


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