SCTIMST Staff Nurse Previous Questions 2013 Part -II

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology 

Written Test for the post of Staff Nurse (Temporary)

  Date: 16-06-2013


S.No Questions Answers
21 A nurse should teach a patient to withhold the prescribed dose of digoxin if patient experiences

a. breathlessness

b. chest pain

c. visual disturbances

d. increased urine output

22 When a patient is receiving anti-coagulants the nursing care should include observations for

a. nausea

b. head ache

c. epistaxis

d. chest pain

23 A Nurse should infuse blood products to a patient within 4 to 6 hours in order to lessen the risk of

a. bacterial contamination

b. thrombus formation

c. febrile reaction

d. platelet aggregation

24 The nurse in the coronary care unit should observe for one of the most common acute complications of myocardial infarction which is

a. hypokalemia

b. anaphylactic shock

c. cardiac disrhytmias

d. cardiac enlargement

25 The purpose of water seal chamber of a chest drainage system is to

a. foster removal of chest secretion

b. prevent the entrance of air in to pleural cavity

c. facilitate emptying of bloody drainage from the chest

d. decrease the danger of sudden change of pressure within the tube

26 Which of the following drug is to be given when warfarin overdose is observed?

a. Heparin

b. vitamin k

c. protamine sulphate

d. iron dextran

27 Mr.X developed quadriplegia following a diving accident. The most likely cause is

a. C4 injury

b. T3 injury

c. L3 injury

d. T6 injury

28 Which of the following clinical manifestations would support a nursing diagnosis?

a. cool, moist skin

b. bouncing peripheral pulses

c. increased urine output

d. diminished breath sounds

29 When performing cardiac compression on an adult client the nurse is aware that it is essential to exert vertical downwards pressure, which depresses, the lower sternum at least

a. ½ to ¾ inch

b. ¾ to 1 inch

c. 1 to ½ inch

d. 1 ½ to 2 inches

30 What should be the air pressure in operating rooms in relation to the outside air pressure?

a. lesser

b. greater

c. equal

d. no relation

31 All of these are common indications for indwelling urinary catheter in health care settings except

a. urethral or pelvic floor trauma

b. palliative care during end of life

c. management of urinary retention and obstruction

d. prevention of wound deterioration due to urinary incontinence

32 Ventilator associated pneumonia, prevention bundle includes all except

a. semi recumbent position

b. prophylactic antibiotic therapy

c. daily sedation vacation

d. frequent drainage of subglottic secretion

33 Ventilator associated pneumonia prevention is defined as pneumonia that develops

a. after five days of intubation and ventilation

b. after 48 hours of intubation and ventilation

c. any time after intubation

d. none of these

34 World hand hygiene day is observed on

a. 5th may

b. 7th april

c. 1st December

d. 30th October

35 Most important step in clinical waste management is

a. segregation

b. transportation

c. storage

d. labelling

36 To achieve high level disinfection in 2% glutaraldehyde, soak an instrument for

a. 30 minutes

b. 20 minutes

c. 15 minutes

d. one hour

37 Select the weaning mode with ventilator from the following


b. CMV



38 The single most effective means for preventing health care associated infection is

a. periodic fumigation

b. prophylactic antibiotic therapy

c. use of personal protective equipment

d. hand hygiene

39 The recommended initial monophasic energy dose for cardioversion of ventricular fibrillation is

a. 360

b. 200

c. 150

d. 100

40 Lumbar puncture is done at the level of

a. L3-L4

b. L1-L2

c. L4- L5

d. T12-L1


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