JIPMER Nursing Officer Questions Part 9

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research shortly called as ‘JIPMER’ is one of the most famous  Medical institutions of India. Being an Apex center for Heath of Puduchery and Tamil Nadu, has it own style of recruitment of Staff Nurses. Generally JIPMER Nurses recruitment exam found to be the toughest one to compare with other recruitment exams of ‘All Indian Institute of Medical Institutions (AIIMS)’, ‘Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)’, ‘Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)’.Here are some Nclex-RN style questions those were asked in recent ‘JIPMER’ Nursing Officer Recruitment Exams.

PART 9/10 (Questions 81 to 90 of 100)

81. Oxygenated blood enter the fetal circulation from umbilical vein via
a. ductus venosus
b. ductus arteriosus
c. intra hepatic vein
d. intra hepatic artery

82. persistent generalized lymph adenopathy is caused by
a. HSV
b. HZV
c. HAV
d. HIV

83. which one of the following viruses cause post transfusion hepatitis?
a. Hepatitis A
b. Hepatitis B
c. Hepatitis C
d. Hepatitis D

84. what is the usual site of intramuscular injection a nurse will choose in an adult for Z-track technique?
a. Deltoid
b. rectus femoris
c. ventrogluteal
d. vastus lateralis

85. How a nurse will have to collect urine sample for culture from urinary collecting system?
a. with needle aspiration
b. empty urine from bag
c. collect from catheter
d. disconnect bag and collect

86. all the following hormones are secreted by anterior pituitary except?
a. GH
b. GRH
c. TSH
d. FSH

87. Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) tests, means glucose levels
a. over 2 days
b. over 14 days
c. over 30 days
d. over 90 days

88. How do you know that intercostal  drainage tube is functioning?
a. continuous bubbling in water seal bottle
b. continuous bubbling from suction tube
c. oscillation of water column in drainage bottle
d. no bubbling in the drainage bottle

89. A subjective feeling about what is right or wrong in psychiatric medicine is said to be
a. values
b. morality
c. insight
d. bioethics

90. Nurse has to apply erythromycin ointment to a newborn child. which area of eye she is supposed to place it?
a. on the cornea
b. under the eyelid
c. lower conjunctiva
d. upper conjunctiva

81. a
82. d
83. c
84. c
85. a
86. b
87. d
88. c
89. b
90. c