JIPMER Nursing Officer Questions Part 2

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research shortly called as ‘JIPMER’ is one of the most famous  Medical institutions of India. Being an Apex center for Heath of Puduchery and Tamil Nadu, has it own style of recruitment of Staff Nurses. Generally JIPMER Nurses recruitment exam found to be the toughest one to compare with other recruitment exams of ‘All Indian Institute of Medical Institutions (AIIMS)’, ‘Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)’, ‘Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)’.

Here are some Nclex-RN style questions those were asked in recent ‘JIPMER’ Nursing Officer Recruitment Exams.

PART 2/10 (Questions 11 to 20 of 100)

11) A  nurse is caring an anemic patient, what finding should suggest her that is acute blood loss anemia?
a. Exertional dyspnea
b. Easy Fatigue on exertion
c. Bradycardia at rest
d. Postural Hypotension

12) Which patient is having very high risk for developing ovarian cancer?
a. 30 years old oral contraceptives
b. 36 years old who had first child at 22 years
c. 45 years old who was never been pregnant
d. 40 years old who had 5 alive children, 1 abortion

13) Which joint movement is restricted in a patient with pericapsulitis of shoulder?
a. Adduction
b. Abduction
c. Flexion
d. Extension

14) Maternity Nurse, must be aware that screening for diabetes mellitus in pregnancy at
a. 6 to 17 weeks
b. 18 to 23 weeks
c. 24 to 28 weeks
d. 29 to 32 weeks

15) Neonate of diabetic mother is at risk for all the following EXCEPT
a. Hypoglycemia
b. Hypocalcemia
c. Hyperglycemia
d. Hyperbilirubinimia

16) Before giving blood transfusion a nurse must note the date, time of collection and must be aware that Packed RBC’s can be stored up to
a. 25 days
b. 35 days
c. 45 days
d. 55 days

17) A nurse was called to see a patient with noisy breathing, she suspects laryngospasm with stridor and it occurs commonly with
a. Hyperkalemia
b. Hypercalcemia
c. Hypokalemia
d. Hypocalcemia

18) Nurse working in an operation theater must know, the risk of HIV infection with needle stick injury is about
a. 1:100
b. 1:200
c. 1:300
d. 1:400

19) A nurse is caring for patient with ‘Swine Flu’ and she has to give the Drug of choice for ‘Swine Flu’ and it is
a. Acyclovir
b. Adefovir
c. Cidofovir
d. Oseltamavir

20) A nurse is taking care of a patient with DVT and she must be aware that the venous emboli will be lodged in
a. Heart
b. Lungs
c. Liver
d. Kidneys

11) d
12) c
13) b
14) c
15) d
16) b
17) d
18) c
19) d
20) b