JIPMER Nursing Officer Questions Part 10

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research shortly called as ‘JIPMER’ is one of the most famous  Medical institutions of India. Being an Apex center for Heath of Puduchery and Tamil Nadu, has it own style of recruitment of Staff Nurses. Generally JIPMER Nurses recruitment exam found to be the toughest one to compare with other recruitment exams of ‘All Indian Institute of Medical Institutions (AIIMS)’, ‘Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)’, ‘Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)’.Here are some Nclex-RN style questions those were asked in recent ‘JIPMER’ Nursing Officer Recruitment Exams.

PART 10/10 (Questions 91 to 100 of 100)

91. Fluid overload in a patient may cause
a. angio edema
b. peripheral edema
c. pulmonary edema
d. cerebral edema

92. all are true regarding H.pylori infection Except
a. is gram positive bacteria
b. is eradicated  by triple therapy
c. produces urease enzyme
d. causes maltoma tumor

93. which one of the following statements by a patient with backache should alert the nurse?
a. pain on movement
b. pain radiating the leg
c. perineal anaethesia
d. pain sensation lost in feet

94. The purpose of lymph nodes is to trap
a. antigens
b. macrophages
c. hormones
d. RBC’s

95. cytokines are chemical messengers which
a. kill microorganisms
b. promote inflammation
c. cause severe pain
d. produce antibodies

96. The thymus related T cells
a. produce antibodies
b. produce NK cells
c. Recognize B cells
d. Recognize body’s own cells

97. A nurse caring a patient on pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy should assess them for
a. weight gain
b. hypertension
c. arrythmias
d. GIT irritations

98. H2 receptor blocker of choice, in liver disease is
a. cimetidine
b. ranitidine
c. famotidine
d. nizatidine

99. Cardiac muscle differ from skeletal muscle by
a. it contains actin and myosin
b. it has automaticity and conductivity
c. it needs calcium for contraction
d. it thrives without oxygen

100. The nurse explains to the mother of a neonate diagnosed with erythroblastosis fetalis, that the exchange transfusion is necessary to prevent damage to
a. liver
b. lungs
c. kidneys
d. brain

91. c
92. a
93. c
94. a
95. b
96. d
97. a
98. d
99. b
100. d