GK Questions for Nursing Officer Exams, Get full details

GK Questions for Nursing Officer Exams

This is a big question among nurses who prepare for Central Government Nursing Exams. Every year Central Government of India recruits more than 3000 Nurses for its Medical institutions (AIIMS, RRB, ESI etc). The Mode of Recruitment is Written Competitive Examination.
The questions are usually asked from Nursing Subjects like Medical Surgical, Pediatric, Obstetrics, Psychiatric, Community, Nursing Foundation etc.
But nowadays Questions from General  Knowledge, General Sciences, Aptitude and Arithmetic Ability Topics are also asked. Many Nurses are reluctant to concentrate on these topics even they do not pay more attention on it. To Score more in Competitive Examination, More attention should be given these topics also like Nursing Subjects. Let us discuss this below….

What are the Topics to concentrate in GK Questions for Nursing Officer Exams

Most recruitment notifications will contain the scheme of examination. Pay attention to know about Parts of Examination. Usually It would be like
Part-I contains questions from Nursing Subjects.
Part-II contains questions from
1. General Awareness,
2.General Knowledge,
3. General Aptitude & Logical & Reasoning,
5.  Arithmetic Ability
6. General Science
7. Basic Computer Knowledge
lets us see it in detail…

General Knowledge & General Awareness

Both are similar Topics But no need to go deeper in to it. Questions may be from anything from Science, History, Current affairs, Famous in world & India, about Unique Personalities, Inventions, etc. The best way to prepare on these is to read newspaper daily. So that you can be up to date on day to day matters. Apart from these below are some important topics to prepare
  1. Current Affairs (Important incident in political, economical, sports, social issues etc on daily basis)
  2. Major Historical Movements in India (e.g. Non Cooperative Movements)
  3. Major Historical Incidents (e.g. Jalian Wala bagh Massacre happened on April 13th 1919)
  4. Major Articles of Indian Constitutions (e.g. Article 370 for Special provisions for Jammu & Kashmir)
  5. Major Incidents in Indian Economy
  6. Famous Personalities of India (News Famous Actors, Actress, Business Men, Politicians, Writters & Novelist and their Awards etc)
  7. Big & Small things (Big dam and small dam, Big & Small Ports)
  8. About Important Zoo & Forest Reserves
  9. Monsoons
  10. Awards of India (First & Latest, Highest civilian Award-Padma shri, Highest Militant Awards-Param Vir Chakra, Higher Cinema Awards-Dadasaheb Phalke Award, Miss India, Mr.India etc)
  11. International awrds (Noble, Oscar etc)
  12. First & Latest Personalities ( Like First Prime Minister, First Women Prime Minister, First Woman IAS & First Woman IPS Officers etc)
  13. Current Personalities of Various higher positions (Like President, Army Chief, Lok shaba & Rajya Shaba Speakers)
  14. Natural Disaster that happened recently and its years
  15. Scientific Inventions Medical fields & other fields.
  16. Satellite & Latest Launches (Like Abbreviation of PSLV, GSLV, Latest Launches, Technologies used)
  17. International Organizations in which India is a Part & its  Aims & Functions (Like SAARC, BRIC etc)
  18. Important Geographical Areas (Important points on Beach, Desert, Height of Himalayas, Rivers, Seas)
The above topics are given to get an idea about General knowledge & General Awareness. But We can’t assure questions will only be asked from these topics. It is an outline on topics from questions are usually asked from. To prepare well on this topics, you need to prepare on each subjects like Indian History, Indian Polity, Geographic of India, Indian National movements, External Affairs of India etc. Also the questions be asked world wide important matters.

General Aptitude & Logical & Reasoning

These questions are designed to assess candidates ability at skills such as how to interpret patterns, number sequences or the relationships between shapes. e.g Diagrammatic Test, Abstract Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning Tests, Situational Judgement Tests, Verbal Reasoning etc.

General Sciences

This includes questions from Basic & Important Topics of
  1. Physics- (E.g. Units, Newton’s Law, Major Inventions, etc)
  2. Chemistry-(E.g. Matter and its states, Battery etc.)
  3. Biology- (E.g. The Cell, Bio-Molecules, Botany, Bio-Technology

Basic Computer Knowledge

We are living in a digital world. Basic Operative knowledge of computer is a must one. Nowadays computers are widely used in hospitals and healthcare.
  1. History of Computer
  2. Basic inputs and outputs
  3. Types of Computer
  4. Internet, Intranet
  5. Networking
  6. Informations on domains, hosting, Types of files etc