CHO Full Form- Community Health Officer

CHO Full Form: Community Health Officer is full form of CHO in Medical, Nursing, and Health Sector. CHO are trained and competent professionals to deliver comprehensive primary care. Community Health Officers are posted in Health & Wellness Centers. CHO will lead primary health workers like Female Health Workers, Male Health worker, Auxiliary Nurse Midwifes, Accredited Social Health Activists.

 CHO Full Form - Community Health Officer Background

The Authentic Information from National Health System Resource Center (NHSRC) Say, In the year 2013, There was a pressing need to strengthen the primary care by deploying a trained manpower considering global evidence. Then it was decided to train the GNM/B.Sc Nursing/Ayurveda Medicine Qualified individuals and deploy them as Community Health officers. The role CHO is crucial in primary public health. In addition to CHO Full Form, you can get detailed information on CHO Age Limit, Educational Qualifications, Trainings, Salary, and Job Responsibilities below.

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CHO Full Form – Course Details

Age Limit

  1. UR/OBC- 35 years
  2. SC/ST- 40 years

Educational Qualification

  1. Individuals must have completed minimum GNM/B.Sc Nursing/BAMS qualifications
  2. Individuals should have completed 06 months Bridge Program on Certificate in Community Health separately or integrated in B.Sc Nursing/BAMS
  3. Registration in State Nursing Council / AYUSH Council is mandatory

3. Individuals must have minimum 02 years clinical experience

CHO – BPPCH Course Outline

Duration of Course 06 Months
Medium of Instruction English/Local Language
Academic Session 1st January and 1st July
Passing Marks 50% separately in internal exam as well as practical exam
Internship At District Hospitals, PHC, HSC etc
Certificate issuing Authority IGNOU

Community Health Officer Salary

Monthly Salary of CHOs will range from Rs.25000 – Rs.30000 per month. In addition, there will be incentive Rs.15,000 per month based on satisfactory performance.

CHO - Community Health Officer Selection Process

Candidates will be selected based on written test or weightage of marks obtained in the degree qualifications.

CHO Exam Syllabus

Question will be from the academic subjects and General Studies

  1. Basic Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Nutrition
  2. Basic Concepts in Public Health
  3. Awareness on Indian Health System
  4. Nursing Foundation
  5. Medical Surgical Nursing
  6. Psychiatric Nursing
  7. Child Health Nursing
  8. Community Health Nursing
  9. General Knowledge and Arithmetic ability

CHO Job Responsibilities

Community Health Officer will be posted in Health Wellness Centers where they are expected discharge following duties.

  1. Preventive, Promotive, Curative Care among public
  2. Implementing National Health Programmes (NCD, RCH, MMU , RBSK etc)
  3. Sensitizing the public through health education on Family Planning, Maternal Child Health
  4. Identification of Warning Signs and symptoms of patients and Referral after pre-referral stabilization
  5. Implement various statutory rules in Sub centers like Bio-Medical Waste Management, General Waste Management
  6. Implement Infection Control Practices like Standard and Additional Precautions
  7. Supervision of ANM, ASHA, Health Workers, Volunteers
  8. Maintenance of Maternal Child Health, Family Planning and Nutrition related reports and Indicators. Timely submission of reports to higher authority.

Frequently Asked Questions about CHO Full Form

Whether CHO is a permanent Post?

CHO is not a permanent post. CHO  will be appointed on a tenure basis. It is usually one year period.

Who would give BPCCH Training?

Bridge Programme in Certificate in Community Health Training will be given by Public Health Directorate of each states. You should visit their official site for immediate update on BPCCH trainings.

Can a CHO prescribe drugs to patients?

No. CHO cannot prescribe drugs with a consultation with doctors.

Where to get latest CHO Recruitment notification?

You can get it at

What would be the take home salary of CHO at first month?

It will be around Rs.35000-Rs.50000 per month.